Bani Naim History & Nature

History and Nature handbook is an effort of authors to cover historical, cultural and social fields of Bani Naim as Palestinian town located in the South East of the West Bank. The town of Bani Naim is well known as Canaanite village going back to the stone age.

This is famous site in connection with natural and ecological aspects. The book is important to show the importance of the town as representative of the Palestininian life and model of development through out history. 

The natural topography of Bani Naim is distinguished with Mediterranean environment and semi arid ecological region near the Dead Sea. The physical and natural features of Bani Naim wildlife offers rich biodiversity in both plants and animals. Specifically, the eastern slopes of Bani Naim has excellent variation of medicinal plants making the area as hot spot of the plant biodiversity. 

The handbook is divided to Chapter 1: History of Bani Naim- Canaanite, Greek , Roman & Bezant periods and Islamic periods. Chapter 2: Geographic location – topography , vallyes and water. Chapter 3: Social life and Folklore. Chapter 4: Natural Life: environment and biodiversity. Chapter 5: Future vision .

The handbook is divided is available in Arabic language , however the summary and the photo gallery are presented in both English and Arabic languages.

Authors: Dr. Khaled Sawalha and Soliman Manasra. University Graduates Forum, 2012 . 

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