Walks in Palestine including the Nativity Trail

The walks in this book will take you through the rolling hills of the north, with their farmlands and olive groves nestled in green valleys; the wild, windy hills above the Jordan Valley with their panoramic views; the rocky ravines which lead from these hills to the salt-crusted shores of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth; and the bare emptiness of the Jerusalem and Bethlehem Hills. On these walks you will also see something of the wildlife of Palestine – the thousands of birds, visiting, resident and migrating, fleet-footed gazelles, perhaps even the shy ibex and fox, probably tortoises and hyrax and other small mammals, and possibly also snakes and scorpions. We need hardly say that archaeological, religious and historic sites are everywhere, even in the smallest villages, from ancient wells and wine presses through to biblical battle sites, monasteries and Crusader relics. Even the architecture of the old Palestinian houses has obviously identifiable links with its biblical past. In these quiet villages you will also find something else to treasure – a warm traditional Palestinian welcome! In return, your presence will bring not just economic benefit to the people but, perhaps more importantly, opportunities for valuable cultural exchange – you will learn something of the problems faced by the people of this land, whilst they will benefit simply by your presence and interest in their lives. If this book persuades you to go, and helps you along the way, it will have served its purpose!

Authors: Di Taylor and Tony Howard

Publishing year: 2001

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