Tour Guide of the West Bank & Gaza Strip


The tour guide is published by The Palestinian Association for Cultural Exchange (PACE). It is a historical and archaeological guide to the Palestinian Territories with practical information for visitors and tourists about them. The book describes the different regions and historical sites of the two regions with concentration on their historical background, archaeological remains, and information about access to those sites and their current state.

The book explains that tourists sustain from visiting the Palestinian areas either because they think that the areas are unsafe, or because they are unaware of their many attractions. The goal of this book is thus to reveal the richness of the heritage and culture of Palestine and to help international tourists feel more comfortable while visiting it. The idea of the guide book was born in 1996 as PACE started organizing excursions for international visitors in the West Bank and Gaza. Since then, PACE realized that the main reason behind tourists' unwillingness to visit the West Bank and Gaza was the limited available information on the Palestinian areas. The guide was thus not meant to be a history book, but rather a practical guide to the country and its people, both of which have long been neglected by other guide books of the region. PACE's staff perhaps have one advantage over other writers of Guide books of the Holy Land; their acquaintance with the country and its people. Because of the limitations forced upon PACE by the present political situation, the book did not include the many tourist sites in the rest of the country - today’s Israel. It is PACE's hope, however, that the time will soon come when peaceful conditions will allow it to include all the sites of the Holy Land in a single book.
Palestinian Refugees 1948-1998 (An Oral History)
Adel Yahya. al-Bireh. 211 pages, pictures and maps.

The book is available in different languages.


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