Tent of Nations : People Building Bridges

The tent of nation's land is known as Dahers’ Vineyard, was purchased in 1916 by Daher Nassar, the father of Bishara, and grandfather of the Nassar family who now run the Tent of Nations project. Since that time, many family members have worked the land by day, and slept in caves by night. The land has produced olives, grapes, wheat and other crops, almonds, vegetables & fruit on about 100 acres of land

The tent of nation's brings people of various cultures together to build bridges of understanding, reconciliation, and peace. They invites youth from around the world, especially from areas of conflict, together for face-to-face interaction. They also offer programs and facilities for solidarity movements, churches, youth organizations, and tourist groups, and host a large number of visitors each year

The Tent of Nations welcomes you to come see the land, hear its story, and experience its activities.

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