Palestine Assembly for Photographing and Exploration

We are group of individuals from all parts of Palestine come with different backgrounds (media figures, lawyers, journalists, engineers, labors, teachers, students,.. etc), varied in our enthusiasms, united  by our passion in photography and  country exploration, we’re looking forward to being the mirror that reflect social, humanitarian, environmental, and historical issues in Palestine. PAPE activities began as a community initiative concerned with photography and exploration since 2013. And in 2015 was declared PAPE legally as a non-profit body, carries out its activities as the largest gathering of photographers and explorers in Palestine.

Our Activities:

  1. Organizing targeted  exploratory rounds to archaeological and environmental areas and marginalized communities  in the West Bank to get to know them and documented photographically.
  2.  Carrying out many workshops and sessions to develop the skills and principles of Photography .
  3. Organizing many photography activities to highlight environmental and humanitarian issues in Palestine.
  4. Participating in an exhibitions locally and abroad.
  5. Organizing educational competitive Photography contests.
  6. Creating partnerships with local community institutions (municipalities, organizations and associations ... etc) for the best utilization of photo to handle community issues.
  7. Organizing several field training sessions about photography.
  8. Holding Weekly training sessions among members through social media to exchange expertise

Contact :



Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 0599525162 ، 0599914000