Beitillu Nature Reserve Masterplan

The Beitillu Nature Reserve Masterplan deals with the development of the coexistence of space for wildlife conservation and social economic activities in Beitillu. This nature reserve, as a managed protected area will help build up ecotourism in the West Bank thanks to the development of marked hiking trails and educational guided walks. It will help to build comparative and complementary knowledge regarding wildlife species and teach a sustainable use of resources, in order to offer safe outdoor activities for visitors.

This plan requires 2 years of actual operations. It will thus run on 2 to 3 years and shall result in the implementation of a monitoring and an administrative scheme for the reserve decided through collegial decision-making processes. The achievement of such objectives relies on a thorough ecological survey of habitats and species to assess populations health and need for conservation.

Published in: 2017

Download the masterplan: here