Granada Restaurant & Bar

Granada Located in  Birzeit - Old City (Near Birzeit Municipality on Latin's Church street )

It's is a cozy small place. It opens to a quiet square, surrounded by stone dwellings.  Nothing in Ramallah’s modern bustle foretells a place such as this, and none of the city’s restaurants can compete for atmosphere, made from recycled pallets, one of Birzeit best known and popular restaurants and Bars for locals and foreigners well known for their live music, Jamming Events and palestenian food such as Grape leaves, Manaqish,  Musakhan, Mujadara, Maqloubeh , Qedra ..etc . Fresh Beer also availabe.
The restaurant is a charming place, attracting a variety of groups looking for an intimate dinner and/or drinks in a relaxed, rustic setting. One of the things that make its menu unique is its focus on traditional Palestinian foods, more akin to what you would be served in someone’s home, as opposed to the more Western-oriented menus of salads,sandwiches usually found at higher-end restaurants in the city.

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Basateen Street | Old City Birzeit, Ramallah, Palestine