Guided birding tour in Palestine

Mr. Shomaly  in a community event for releasing a hunted Kestrel with Her Excellency Adalah Atteereh (Chairperson of the Envrionment Quality Authority) 

Saed Lawrance Shomaly

Bethlehem, Palestine

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Mr. Shomaly is 39 years old, community trekking tour guide graduated from Bethlehem University. He is renowned birds' expert in Palestine with a certificate from Hellenic wildlife hospital for rehabilitation of birds of prey (raptors) in Greece.

Shomaly loves birds and his main goal is to protect them and make sure they will have a safe journey on their migration from/to Palestine. Thus, he implements projects with the Hanns Seidel Foundation related to protection of nature and raising environmental awareness of local communities in Palestine. In addition to conserving specific birds such as common swifts and owls.

As a native of Bethlehem city, he works in making carvings "handcraft" on olive wood to be then purchased by souvenir shops.


After rehabilitating and curing a poisend Golden Eagle Mr. Shoamly prepares for its release 



Ecology clubs and scouts experiencing bird watching with Mr. shomaly for the first time in their life