Dar Zahran: A distinctive symbol of Palestinian life

Dar Zahran Heritage Building an attractive, historic building with a unique history. For 250 years, this building has been the property of the Ramallite Zahran Jaghab family, serving as a family home, guest chamber (Al-Madafa), and the place of residence of Ramallah's Mukhtar (the head of the town). It also served as a meeting place for young people and the seat of the elders of the tribes, serving as the town’s club where news was exchanged, and where writers, poets and revolutionaries congregated. 
An old traditional stone building with an enchanting layout, it is one of the finest examples of traditional homes in the Ramallah region and the time-honored art of masonry. After five years of painstaking restoration work, this site has now become a radiant cultural, artistic and tourist center in Ramallah.
Dar Zahran includes an art and photo gallery of Ramallah from 1850 to 1979. Black and white photos of girls in traditional Ramallite dress; town life and scenery; notables from days gone; and old homes and neighborhoods adorn the walls. A souvenir shop and a Fair Trade corner make available authentic Palestinian food products, embroidery, pottery, books and jewelry. Dar Zahran also organizes exhibitions for contemporary Palestinian artists and photographers, and cultural events and lectures. It helps aspiring artists incubate new artistic ideas.
Dar Zahran is a forum for artists and visitors, where you can enjoy an authentically traditional ambience in the production process, exhibit your artistic work and innovations, in an atmosphere that is conducive to innovation and development, it being a house of friends and an effective incubator for various artistic ideas, and experience a journey through centuries of Palestinians' ancient cultural and heritage.
Dar Zahran is a must-visit cultural venue for any individual interested in Palestinian culture generally and Ramallite traditions specifically.
Location: Old City, opposite Arab Bank-Al- Balad branch- Ramallah Al-Tahta.
The old building on the left side of Ramallah Museum.

Opening hours: Monday through Saturday, 11 AM - 7 PM
Tel/Fax: 02-2963470 | Mobile: 0599511800
E-mal: [email protected] | www.darzahran.org
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