Wildlife Field Guide of Wadi Gaza

Palestine Wildlife Society has published a handbook named:“Wildlife Field Guide of Wadi Gaza”.This book was prepared and photographed by Imad Atrash with some help from some of researchers from PWLS and Birdlife International-Jordan and Funded by SDC (Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation through United Nation Developing Programme-East Jerusalem, in cooperation with Environmental Quality Authority-PNA and Birdlife International-Middle East Division, Global Environmental Facility (GEF) and Medwet Coast. The book (about 215 pages) consists of two parties (Flora and Fauna) written in both Arabic and English languages, and contains six chapters;

Chapter one gives brief description about Wadi Gaza, its site, structure, soil, Climate, Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Evaporation, etc. Chapter two is about the Ecological Importance of the Site as a wetland, and its importance as a habitat of flora, fauna and birds. This chapter also describes the water system, solid wastes, liquid Wastes and summarizes the environmental problems in Wadi Gaza. Chapter three gives detailed information supported with photos of 70 birds of Wadi Gaza (Resident and Migratory Birds). Chapter four gives also detailed information supported with photos of 50 plants of Wadi Gaza. Chapter five shows other wildlife in Wadi Gaza such as Reptiles and some Mammals).Chapter Six consists of separated Checklists of Flora, Fish's of Mediterranean Sea & Wadi Gaza, Birds and Mammals of Gaza Strip.

For having a copy contact Palestine Wildlife Society – Imad Atrash at 02-2774373 , [email protected]