Promoting ecotourism through local municipalities announces a new project to promote ecotourism through local municipalities.

Eid (Feast) in the Palestinian nature invites everyone to enjoy a good time of Eid Alfiter (Feast) in the Palestinian nature, especially in the different nature reserves in the West Bank

The website provides information about the areas and services of ecotourism, as information only and not recommendations, The visitor can view the interactive map prior to his visit and can get to know the most important areas and services on the link

In addition to that, visitors can use the filtering option on the right side of the map to filter the guest houses, historical and natural sites, the institutions, museums, cultural centers, restaurants and shops, guides and the nearby villages famous for ecotourism.

The visitors are asked to not to do harm to the plants, to step on it or collect it, and to respect the nature which includes plants, animals, insects and birds by keeping the areas clean after their visit and to not to throw the garbage on the ground.

The website is implemented by the German  Hanns Seidel Foundation and supervised by the Envrionment Quality Authority. It serves as an educational resources to know about the most important nature areas and nature reserves, and it has a national and family-like team who hike in nature.

International Biodiversity Day 21.5.2018 celebrates the international biodiversity day

In the past years cooperated with governmental institutions and the Hanns Seidel Foundation in the field of biodiversity and the nature reserves.

In the initial stages, the community events had the slogan “ lets know more about it”, aiming at educating more about the nature reserves, then it had the slogan “ the cleanliness of the reserves is our responsibility”, which aimed at engaging the community positively in the protection and cleaning of the reserves.

Through the community events of and with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation they have visited 23 nature reserves in 2017. Around 1700 participants attended of which 43% were Females, 57% were males. They were either explorers, researchers, photographers, university and school students, employees of governmental and civil organizations  and they were from Gaza, Jenin, Bethlehem, Nablus, Ramallah, Qalqilya, Tulkarem, Tubas, Hebron, Salfit and villages from nearby the nature reserves.

Publishing the Birding Journal 21.5.2018 published a scientific booklet to register birds website has published a booklet for the registration of birds in Palestine called “Birding Journal”, which is the first edition of its kind in Palestine. It contains various contents such as pictures of birds that can be commonly seen and general guidelines on how to help birds.

The Birding Journal also includes how to identify birds, ethics of birdwatching, how to use binoculars and a reference list of birds that can be observed in Palestine. The cover shows 26 bird pictures photographed in the nature reserves. In addition, it contains drawing pages for the birds so that they can be classified later.

The idea for the birding Journal with its scientific content and design came with the support of the German Hanns Seidel Foundation. It is also part of the environmental education field that they work on with and the educational activities they implement in the community events in the nature reserves which comes in congruence with the national strategy of the Environment Quality Authority.

Furthermore, the birding journal could be used as a supporting tool in the community events as it serves different levels of bird watchers. The advanced users can use the “Life List” of registering the birds and following up with it, while the novice can learn how to observe the birds, as well as to help, to identify and to register them .

The Journal gives examples and information about the birds existing near the cities, the fields, the bushes, the desert and near sources of water. It also mentions how to elect a representing bird for the nature reserve you live near to, and how to use its picture as a symbol for the school stamps, local institutions, scout groups, and others. 

Release of birds in nature reserves 17.05.2018 released a number of birds in the nature reserves to raise awareness about their importance.