Publishing the Birding Journal 21.5.2018 published a scientific booklet to register birds website has published a booklet for the registration of birds in Palestine called “Birding Journal”, which is the first edition of its kind in Palestine. It contains various contents such as pictures of birds that can be commonly seen and general guidelines on how to help birds.

The Birding Journal also includes how to identify birds, ethics of birdwatching, how to use binoculars and a reference list of birds that can be observed in Palestine. The cover shows 26 bird pictures photographed in the nature reserves. In addition, it contains drawing pages for the birds so that they can be classified later.

The idea for the birding Journal with its scientific content and design came with the support of the German Hanns Seidel Foundation. It is also part of the environmental education field that they work on with and the educational activities they implement in the community events in the nature reserves which comes in congruence with the national strategy of the Environment Quality Authority.

Furthermore, the birding journal could be used as a supporting tool in the community events as it serves different levels of bird watchers. The advanced users can use the “Life List” of registering the birds and following up with it, while the novice can learn how to observe the birds, as well as to help, to identify and to register them .

The Journal gives examples and information about the birds existing near the cities, the fields, the bushes, the desert and near sources of water. It also mentions how to elect a representing bird for the nature reserve you live near to, and how to use its picture as a symbol for the school stamps, local institutions, scout groups, and others. 

Release of birds in nature reserves 17.05.2018 released a number of birds in the nature reserves to raise awareness about their importance.

Publishing the booklet "Our Nature: Enjoy and Explore"

Publishing a guidebook on ecotourism entitled "Our Nature: Enjoy and Explore"

The booklet "Our Nature: Enjoy and Explore" was published in cooperation with the Environment Quality Authority of Palestine having the cover of a cycling trail in Zabouba village, located West of Jenin, as a guidebook in the field of ecotourism in Palestine. It is the first of its kind in Palestine and serves as a national reference for the citizens, institutions and visitors to know about the nature reserves and its historical linkage with the culture of the Palestinian people.

The booklet is available online for the readers through website, contains 76 pages, and carries the logo of the website. It is initiated with a speech of H.E. Eng. Adalah Ateereh, Head of the Environment Quality Authority, highlighting the situation of the nature reserves, the national efforts in protecting the biodiversity and the ecosystems in Palestine as well as the efforts for stopping its deterioration.

The booklet also includes how to use the Flora and Fauna databases, general and technical information about the nature reserves, its geographical map, how to use the ecotourism database that includes natural, cultural and historical attractions that could be visited nearby the reserves. Thus assisting tour guides to organize a trip program to the reserves successfully.

On the other hand, the booklet explained the threats facing the nature reserves, what could be done to protect them and the importance of involving the local community in the protection process.

It is an interesting booklet with a collection of pictures of the nature reserves, birds, plants and animals documented by a number of photographers during their visit to the areas.

Enjoy reading it through the link

Ecotourism course 3.5.2018 website participates in the “refreshment course” to renew the licenses of the tour guides website participates in the “refreshment course” for year 2018 for a number of tour guides organized by Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and Arab Tour Guides Union through a guided hike in Wadi Qana nature reserve and with the support of Hanns Seidel Foundation.

The course which was attended by the regional representative of HSS Ms. Julia Obermeir aims at renewing the licences of the tour guides and introduce them to new types of tourism in Palestine other than religious/pilgrimage tourism.

One of the lectures was about “ Alternative tourism : concepts and applications- the case of the nature reserves” which included information about the new types of tourism including ecotourism and about what offers as maps and how to benefit from it scientifically to develop skills and performance of the tour guides in ecotourism.

Dr. Ziad Qannam from Alquds university gave a lecture about “ Tour guide: his characteristics and roles in marketing alternative tourism.

The course also included practical training in Wadi Qana reserve for 6 km for watching residential and migratory birds and to learn about the plants and its uses.

Umm tut community event 1.5.2018

Palestine celebrates the world migratory bird day in Um tut reserve celebrated the world migratory bird day by implementing an ecotourism hike in Um –Tut reserve with the attendance of Her Excellency Adalah Atteereh and students of Alnajah and Bethlehem Universities and friends of the environment society.

The event included a training in Marj Ibn Amer how to use binoculars and registering observation on the “ Birding Journal”.

H.E. Adalah gave a prize of a copy of birds of the middle east book signed by both Richard Porter and the minister H.E Adalah Atteereh.

Palestine participation in celebrating this day contributes to raise  environmental awareness for these students and to highlight the important role of the birds in the ecosystems and the importance of their protection in Palestine which is a passing route for them, as Um tut reserve and Marj Ben Amer are two important location for receiving the migratory birds.