Registration of logo 30.4.2018

The Ministry of National Economy Registered “” as Trademark

The General Directorate of Intellectual Property in the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy has granted the website of the Palestinian nature reserves a certificate of registration of its logo within the trademarks of the State of Palestine.The registration certificate includes the categories of education, providing of training, sports and cultural activities, communication services, advertising, business management and office functions.

The Palestine sunbird used in the logo of was not a coincidence; it is the national bird of the State of Palestine and does reside there. It is part of the Palestinian biodiversity, and we the Hanns Seidel Foundation are working together with the Environmental Quality Authority and all partners to promote awareness of its importance and the necessity to protect it. Moreover, choosing the Palestine Sunbird symbolizes the importance of promoting environmental awareness of the Palestinian natural reserves. Congratulations for this achievement!

Wadi Quff Community Event 20.4.2018

Planting native trees during an ecotourism hike in Wadi Quff reserve implemented an ecotourism hike in Wadi Quff reserve in Hebron with the participation of the chairperson of the Environmental Quality Authority H.E. Eng. Adalah Attereh, the director of the Hanns Seidel Foundation  Ms. Julia Obermeier, and a number of representatives from the  Ministry of Agriculture, the municipalities of Halhul, Beit Kahl and a number of environmentalists.

The hikes in the nature reserves aims at promoting ecotourism and developing environmental awareness about its importance and conservation.

Installation of signs is completed with Wadi Quff nature reserve sign 16.4.2018

Completing the installation of guidance signs in the Palestinian nature reserves

With the support of the European Union, the Hanns Seidel Foundation worked together with the Environmental Quality Authority in Palestine to complete the installation of special information guidance signs in the Palestinian nature reserves as one of the logistic and scientific services provided to visitors.

Seven nature reserve were targeted during the project: Wadi 'Ein ez Zarqa el 'Elwi nature reserve near Deir Ghassaneh village, Wadi Jannata nature reserve near Beitillu village, and Jabal Tammun reserve near Tammun village, Al Mikser nature reserve near Siris village, Shubash nature reserve near Raba village, Al Jabal  Al Kabir nature reserve near Azmut village and Wadi Al-Quff in Hebron.

We hope that the signs will be informative especially for the students and that the visitors comply with the guidelines around the use of the nature reserves for their safety.

Wadi Qana Community Event 5.4.2018 participated in ecotourism hike in Wadi Qana reserve participated in ecotourism hike in Wadi Qana reserve which was organized by EQA and Qalqilya governorate and the committee against the wall and settlement. The event included the release of endangered Eagle Owl .