Golden Oriole

Oriolus oriolus

صفير ذهبي

Status: Scarce

Systematic: The Golden Oriole belongs to the Oriolidae (Orioles and figbirds) family in the Passeriformes order.

The Golden Oriole is one of the most beautiful birds of Palestine. The unmistakable adult male Oriole showing bright yellow body feathers with jet black wings and tail, creates a mix of brilliant yellow and black. It has a black stripe in front of its eyes and a large red bill. The female is not as stunning with a yellow-green back and white underside.

Body length: 25 cm. Wingspan: 45 cm. Weight: 80 grams on average.

Habitat: The Orioles prefer broadleaved forests and groves. They especially favor areas with tall trees. They can also be found in agricultural areas, often near rivers or lakes. On migration the Orioles will do with any vegetated habitat with trees.

Distribution: and population trends: The Orioles are broadly distributed across Europe and Western Asia, through the Middle East to Central Asia and south into India. They Spend the winter in Africa and South Asia.

In Palestine: Fairly common migrant across the country. Occurs in fall, particularly from mid-September with females and immatures arriving first. In the spring, from mid-April until the end of May when the males arrive first.

Conservation status: Least concern (LC)

Behavior: The Orioles spend most of their time is trees where they are hardly visible. Even when they sing their melodious song, they stay hidden.

Breeding: The Orioles build their nests in high tree forks, deep in the canopy, and lay 3–6 eggs.

Dangers and threats: The orioles are a favored target of hunters in the Arab world, especially in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia where hunters' presents sometimes hundreds of Orioles killed in a day.

Cool facts: In Palestine the Orioles are seen in spring around Mulberry and in autumn in Fig trees.