Intermediate navelwort

Umbilicus intermedius

سرة متوسطة

This non-woody herbaceous perennial plant grows to an average height of 25 cm. The stems are 20-50 cm in length. The leaves are arranged in alternate rosette pattern (one leaf per node) and the leaf type is entire.

The leaf margin is dentate or serrate and the leaves are also succulent. The greenish yellow to white flowers are in the form of bell-shaped palid spikes and arranged in racemes which are 10-16 cm.  The petals are connate and the flowers are hermaphrodite only. The flowering season is between March and June.
The leaf form is simple, leaf margin is dentate.
The fruits are in the form of follicles which are 5-6 mm, narrowly boat-shaped and the seeds are dark brown in colour. The seeds and fruits are homogeneous. 
Spines are absent.

Other name: common pennywort