Protecting Nature

The nature of Palestine is comprised of diversity beyond words: striking landscapes, uniquely adapted creatures, and huge number of plant species. Nature is the only habitat for wildlife to exist and flourish, and for Palestinians, it represents a boundless source of aesthetic beauty and cultural inspiration. Nevertheless, significant threats are posed to nature causing unique species to disappear. Unlike an old car, the nature is simply not replaceable. Therefore, through nature conservation we protect Palestine’s natural resources and prevent the further disappearance of wildlife. The establishment of Parks is one way we can restore functions and services of ecosystems and minimize harmful human impacts. Learn more about the threats facing the nature of Palestine, and what can you do as an individual to protect it.

Our Nature

Learn. Discover. Enjoy. Whether you are interested in learning about species biodiversity, discovering the mysteries of natural landscapes, or hiking in a quiet space, the wilderness offers endless possibilities for everyone to enjoy. Disconnect from your devices get connected with nature. Plan your next adventure in one of our nature reserves: Wadi Al Quff, Umm at-Tut, or Beitillu – preserving some of Palestine’s diverse landscapes and wildlife habitats.

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As unlikely as it sounds, our planet is amidst one of the fastest mass extinction of species in history. Today’s man-made disasters have fastened the destruction of habitats and loss of species diversity. Learn more about the most threatening human impacts to Palestine.

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Without species richness, there is no life. How do we ensure that this richness will exist for future generations to enjoy? Nature conservation makes it possible to support the diversity of wildlife and therefore to keep our nature in great shape. Get involved and learn how to use the principles of nature conservation in your daily life. 

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What Can I do ?

The future of nature is in our hands. Even a small action can be a large step towards preventing further environmental degradation. In what ways can you implement environmentally conscious decisions in your daily life? 

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