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What we do?

Since scholars began to study the Middle East, Palestine has been referred to figuratively as part of the “Cradle of Civilization” – a name that describes both the unique human history and fertile lands. Despite its significance, Palestine’s natural landscapes face ongoing threats and require conservation efforts to maintain it for future generations.  We support protecting nature reserves. We work to raise awareness about the existing natural resources of Palestine by promoting the study of the native species, devising management plans for nature reserves, and involving local communities in the preservation of nature.

Our nature reserves are ideal for recreational activities: for example, hiking, sightseeing and learning about nature through careful observation (see our Flora and Fauna page for information). Our site also offers many community-based ecotourism opportunities to highlight Palestine’s heritage. Our resources are available for everyone, including local communities and tourists. In addition to protecting nature, our initiatives help Palestinian conservationists to gain knowledge through ongoing workshops, lectures, and environmental education. Please read our Get Involved section to find ways to support our efforts by donating, volunteering, or pursuing a trainee internship with us. 

What is Mahmiyat.ps?

Mahmiyat.ps is the first web presence of the Palestinian Nature Reserves. Here you can find information about the natural and cultural resources of the region, about upcoming events, and Protecting Nature. Explore Palestine on the Visual Journeys – a “virtual” window into our nature reserves. Jump to the Flora and Fauna database, which offers you a user-friendly filter to identify native species in the Palestinian Nature Reserves!

On Mahmiyat.ps you will find detailed information on nearby attractions, hotels and homestays, restaurants, tour guide operators, and resources for ecotourism. Overall, we encourage visitors from all over the world to experience the wildlife firsthand.

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