ReSign for Recycling Design

ReSign for Recycling Design

Resign (Recycling Design) is a project concerned of reusing and upcycling materials which are considered to be waste. By following few and easy steps, reshaping waste into usable goods and artistic products can be possible.

How do you look at things when you decide you want to throw them away, how do you see a glass bottle or a plastic one...broken plate?what do you do with a trouser or a shirt u got bored using it? or maybe raptured but you still want to keep it? so much wood is thrown out there for is warm but is it the only way to use wasted wood?what about metal things, electric wires or cars tires?how much waste you produce everyday? Is throwing food waste in a bin the best way to get rid of it?

How much change can you create in your life when you start looking differently at things! sound also romantic...beside being artistic!

By following Resign project pages, you will see new ways treating solid wastes in general, if it was plastic, metal, glass, wood or cloth....and, you will have a chance to purchase products.

Resign had the chance to be present in many events like Betlahem live festival, Taybeh Beer Festival, Christmas markets, and many other events during the past few years.

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