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What is Mahmiyat.ps?
What is Mahmiyat.ps?

It is one of the projects of Hanns Seidel Foundation implemented with its partners in Palestine, specialized in environmental issues, nature reserves and eco-tourism.

The website was launched in 2016 with the support of the European Union in its initial stages, taking the Palestine sunbird - the national bird of Palestine- as its symbol. Accredited and up-to-date, developed with experiences and expertise of local and international technicians, lectures, publications and articles, which enabled the website with its content to be a practical tool for environmental education.

Registered Trademark: In 2018, the site obtained, from the General Administration of Intellectual Property in the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy, a certificate of registration for its trademark ®.

The website is classified as an environmental school accredited in the Palestinian official media and other media, as it provides easy-to-use databases for  wild plants,  animals and eco-tourism. It is used as an educational tool by many institutes, schools, and universities, governmental and private institutions. The website integrates its content between reality and the digital world, for as the browser can roam virtually across the country through the interactive maps, trails, important sites for birds, nearby historical, cultural and tourist sites, guest houses and points of sale of local products.

Who are the readers? Those who are interested from Palestine, the Levant and the Arab countries in particular benefit from this website. In addition, Western countries use it as it provides English language.

What are Mahmiyat.ps projects?

The website is implementing many environmental initiatives and projects funded by the Hanns Seidel Foundation with their Palestinian partners to contribute in promoting the concepts of environmental protection, environmental awareness of the importance of reserves, consolidating the principles of eco-tourism and integrating it with the economic, social and cultural development of the local community.

Overall, we encourage the local society and visitors from all over the world to experience the Palestinian wildlife firsthand!

The contents of Mahmiyat.ps are the sole responsibility of the involved organizations and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the funder (Hanns Seidel Foundation).