Do's and Don'ts

Do's and Don'ts

General Instructions

  • Choose the right time and season, check the weather conditions before the trip
  • Take a licensed guide for the trip (with first aid certificate).
  • Obtain official permission from the authorities to enter the reserves (inform the rangers and municipalities in the area about your presence).
  • Navigate website before your trip (view the map or the information about the area).
  • Walk in the designated trail.
  • Stay calm so that you can enjoy watching birds and animals.
  • If you face any problem inform the guide/ranger.

Safety Instructions

Please keep the following:

  • Guide Instructions.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and sport shoes for walking.
  • Wear a cap.
  • Bring sandwiches, fruits and nuts.
  • Bring 2-3 liters of water for each person.
  • Healthy and comfortable back-bag.
  • Bring a map of the visited site, (You can download maps from our website.
  • Some plants and animals are poisonous, just observe from a distant .

Forbidden inside the reserve

  • No fire or smoking inside the reserve.
  • Do not cut trees or collect flowers and fruits.
  • It is forbidden to hunt birds or animals or catch the injured ones.
  • It is forbidden to use loudspeakers.
  • Do not write on walls / trees/ historic structures/ wells/ caves.
  • Be careful not to displace the rocks.
  • Under wooden pieces there might be reptiles hiding, so take care about that.
  • Do not create new trails even if you do not like the existing one.

Allowed inside the reserve

  • Enjoy the scene and landscape.
  • Use binoculars to watch birds and wildlife.
  • Take pictures without disturbing the birds and animals.

Do not forget

  • Look for signs marked along the trail.
  • Be responsible and friendly towards others while enjoying the wildlife; express your kindness by greeting people you meet on the trail.
  • Take the beautiful memories with you and leave only your footprints.