Famous Poet Mahmoud Darwish Tomb & Museum

Famous Poet Mahmoud Darwish Tomb & Museum

Mahmoud Darwish is a famous Palestinian poet. Mahmoud Drawish Museum (Al-Birweh Park) is a three-acre space on top of the hill that houses the grave of the late poet. The place includes the poet’s monument, a museum, a multipurpose hall, an  outdoor theater, and a garden.

- Museum: Aims to exhibit some of Darwish’s belongings, and some of his original poetry manuscripts. It has also a hall with large screens to display videos of the poet.

- Multipurpose hall: It’s designed to host festival and cultural celebrations. It can be used as one big hall or divided to three separate halls for lectures and discussion meetings.

- Outdoor Theater: It can host more than five hundred persons. It has a podium, and other rooms for special services.

- Garden: It contains several collections of flowers and trees from the countryside of Palestine.

This cultural space  was designed by architect Jaafar Touqan (son of the late Palestinian poet Ibrahim Touqan). 

Website: http://www.darwishfoundation.org/

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