Riwaq Center for Architectural Conservation

Riwaq Center for Architectural Conservation

Since 1991, RIWAQ has recognized the challenging complexities of preserving Palestinian collective memory through projects that document and restore architectural heritage sites across the West Bank and Gaza.

Riwaq provides trainings reviving traditional crafts and techniques, designs and facilitates cultural, educational, and community-based activities in each of its respective sites. 

It also provides Heritage Trails such as The Ramallah Highlands Trail which represents the mutual heritage of sites within the wider scheme of the most significant 50 historic centers across the region as identified by RIWAQ. The trail examines and promotes Palestinian cultural heritage, highlighting 19th and 20th century architectural heritage, the surrounding cultural landscape, archeological sites, as well as cultural activities and services available. It focuses on bringing local and global awareness to improving tourism and supporting the rehabilitation of historic centers in Palestine, and caters to both local and international tourists. A heritage map and guide are available.

Address: Al Sharafeh, Al Bireh, Palestine

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RIWAQCENTER

Website: www.riwaq.org

Email Address: [email protected]