Maan Permaculture Center

Maan Permaculture Center

The Maan Permaculture Center draws on applied agricultural research to adapt solutions relevant to Palestinian farmers, and was founded on the belief that it is critical to improve diversity, productivity and sustainability in Palestinian agriculture sector. The Center team oversees a space suitable for practical agricultural training for farmers, students of agriculture and workers in the sector while functioning as an active agricultural extension combining affordable modern techniques with traditional practices of the region. Additionally, Maan conducts experiments on certain plant varieties and crops with high nutritional value to determine their marketability and to promote cultivation. Volunteers are welcome on site according to their skills and the Center's needs. 

For more information: 

Ma'an Permaculture Center direct line: 04-241-1105

General Maan number (Ramallah): 02-295-4451

Maan Fax: 02-295-0755


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Email: [email protected]