Auja- IBA

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Governorate: Jericho.

Climate: Irano- Turanian.

IBA Criteria met: B2 (1999).

Area: 5,000 ha.

Site description
IBA, is located in the western northern side of Jericho city 20km away from it. Al Auja spring region is a wetland region, it is also a protected and agricultural grassland region. This region belong to the Irano- Turanian climate. And it’s a migratory bird corridor.

Special birds:

Scops owl, black kite ,Black francolin ,little green bee-eater, common starling, great grey shrike, namaqua dove ,stone -curlew ,little owl ,blue -cheeked bee -eater, arabian babbler , european turtle dove, spanish sparrow ,glossy ibis, red-throated pipit, common snipe ,booted eagle


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