Wadi Qelt- IBA

Wadi Qelt- IBA

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Governorate:  Jericho

Climate:  Irano- Turanian

IBA Criteria met: A1, B1iv, B2 (1999)

Area: 15,000 ha

Site description:

 IBA – wetland , natural protected reserve, which has fantastic characteristics, it also has historical characteristics, it is considered as wetland region, this is why this region considered as one of the most beautiful regions in Palestine at which the water flows from the rocks and form small or large waterfalls that feed Jerusalem wilderness region.

Special birds: 

Sand partridge, Fan-tailed raven, Spanish sparrow, Short-toed eagle, Desert finch, Blue-rock thrush, Tristrams starling, Mourning wheatear, White -throated king fisher, Alpine swift

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