Launching the website in its new version

Launching the website in its new version
22 May 2022 announced the launching of the new version of its website, in both Arabic and English, at The site is a non-profit and is considered a guide to nature, ecotourism and trails in Palestine. It is the first site of its kind in Palestine, specializing in raising the level of environmental awareness in nature reserves and the concepts of ecotourism. explains that its launch comes with technological developments as an educational and awareness tool. It can be used for easy access to various environmental information, and the integration between the real world and the digital world. The site also encourages the local community and visitors from all over the world to have direct experiences with the wildlife in Palestine.

Visitors can wander virtually in the digital world, discover a list of trails and learn about nature and ecotourism. It also provides tips for responsible travel, some instructions for public safety, an explanation of prohibited and permitted practices, and different definitions about the environment, nature and tourism. provides an opportunity for visitors to understand how to help protect birds, as well as information about the various signs on the trails, and how to read and use them.

The site includes geographical maps for relevant locations with birds, springs, tourist trails, and comprehensive descriptions of trail locations as well as their importance. The visitor can use the information provided by the site to contact local tour guides. contains a guide about plants and animals as well, and a specialized media center. The site provides an environmental library that includes research, studies, books, brochures and publications related to the environment, reserves, natural and environmental trails, and some pieces about global issues.

In order to encourage domestic tourism, including ecotourism, the site shares information on the most well known museums, cultural centers, archaeological sites, institutions, residences, hotels, restaurants and shops. presents the most important environmental activities, initiatives and projects that occur in Palestine. Also included is an environmental calendar for Palestinian, Arab and international environmental events.

The site is one of the projects of the Hanns Seidel Foundation, with its partners in Palestine, which specializes in Palestinian environmental affairs.

This endeavor began in 2016, and The Arab Green Window, which is an environmental magazine, chose as an Arab green site and as a source of environmental information.