Look at the sky Look at the sky
19 September 2022

The website encouraged citizens to look at the sky in various Palestinian areas from mid-August to the end of November.  A number of migratory autumn birds pass through during that time.

The site explains that migration happens annually from Europe to Africa. The route over Palestine is a suitable path for birds, as it is part of the Great Rift Valley. indicated that the areas of Jericho, the Jordan Valley, the West Jerusalem mountains and the coastal plain are among the best areas to receive migratory birds. They are areas rich in food sources, air currents and weather conditions for ideal migration. The types of birds migrating vary. Some are searching for a good climate, food and/or a mate.

Marj Sanur, Wadi al-Qaf, Jerusalem Wilderness, Jericho, and the Al-Auja areas are among the most important places for bird watching during the current migration period. At, with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation, one can click and see important locations for birds, check it out: noted there has been a change in the migration pattern this autumn, compared to previous years. This is both in terms of the numbers decreasing, and the use of new areas for rest and overnight stays. Additionally, there was a noticeable decrease in the number of soaring birds, such as the white stork and the European honey buzzards. They were able to record about 4,000 European honey buzzards and 3,000 white storks.

Some birds were recorded in the Jerusalem wilderness, Bethlehem, the meadow of Sanur, and in the Zahret al-Finjan landfill area in Jenin. In these locations there was a decrease in numbers recorded due to the recent fires. appealed for protection of migratory birds and their habitats, to stop hunting and illegal trade, and from attempts to tamper with nests so that the sky is more secure. also wants to foster ecological balance, food chain safety, and the reduction of insects that cause serious infestation of vegetation in Palestine.

The site team recorded the most prominent birds that cross the sky of Palestine during the autumn migration are: the Alpine swift, the European honey Buzzard, the white stork, the common whitethroat, the Eurasian blackcap, the common redstart, the common nightingale, the lesser gray shrike, the Isabelline wheatear, the common kingfisher, the common snipe, the Eurasian golden oriole, the European nightjar, the European roller, the spotted flycatcher, the European turtle dove, and the red backed shrike.