Hosts Black Partridge Competition in Marj Sanour to Celebrate Avian Diversity Hosts Black Partridge Competition in Marj Sanour to Celebrate Avian Diversity
24 March 2023

Jenin - The Project recently organized a captivating black partridge competition for birds in Marj Sanour, located south of Jenin. The event was conducted in collaboration with the Palestinian Society for Environment and Sustainable Development, the Environmental Quality Authority, and the Sanur Village Council, with support from the esteemed German Hans Seidel Foundation. The competition drew the participation of 22 talented wildlife photographers from across Palestine.


Over the course of two days, photographers embarked on nocturnal and early morning tours to observe and capture the beauty of the birds. The timing coincided with the peak of rural and migratory bird visits to Palestine. The competition aimed to raise awareness about the significance of these birds to Palestine and the importance of safeguarding them from poaching.


The participating photographers emphasized the value of hosting such competitions in regions teeming with avian life. By documenting and showcasing the birds' splendor through social media and various media platforms, they aimed to highlight their importance and encourage conservation efforts.


This competition sought to promote the exchange of experiences among wildlife photographers while shining a spotlight on the magnificent meadow area in Sanur. The meadow serves as a crucial resting and gathering spot for numerous bird species during their migration journeys.


The Palestinian Society for Environment and Sustainable Development adopted the black partridge bird as the competition's emblem. This choice stemmed from Marj Sanour's rich avian diversity, which is threatened by overfishing and urban expansion in the area. The meadow itself is the largest shallow water area in northern Palestine, attracting a multitude of migratory birds.


Throughout the competition, photographers documented a total of 250 birds from 64 distinct species. Notable sightings included black partridges, ringed doves, white egrets, white shrikes, red-crowned owls, kestrels, swamp martens, soft eagles, common quails, meadow grouse, green ducks, and various other avian species.


Photographer Khaled Abu Asbeh emerged as the competition's victor, impressively capturing images of 64 bird species within a remarkable three-hour timeframe.


Prior to the competition, the Project compiled a comprehensive list of bird species found in the Marj Sanour region. Bird experts and photographers had previously documented 156 different species in the area, highlighting its importance as a haven for avian biodiversity.


By organizing this captivating competition, the Project aimed to celebrate the remarkable diversity of birdlife in Marj Sanour. The event served as a testament to the region's ecological significance while inspiring photographers and conservationists alike to cherish and protect Palestine's avian treasures.