: Iris Haynei - A Season of Renewal : Iris Haynei - A Season of Renewal
29 March 2023, an esteemed website dedicated to preserving natural heritage, announced that the national flower of Palestine, Iris Haynei (Sawsan Faqqu'a), has begun blooming in its native habitat in the village of Faqqu'a, located east of the city of Jenin. This precious flower represents a cherished aspect of Palestinian natural beauty and cultural heritage.


In light of the iris season's commencement in the village, the website emphasized the importance of preserving Iris Haynei, an endemic plant found in the Faqqu'a and Jalbun regions. This flower holds significant value as a Palestinian national symbol and emblem.


Belonging to the Iris family, Iris Haynei possesses distinctive characteristics. However, it is worth noting that various parts of the plant, including its roots and leaves, contain poisonous elements. Ingesting these parts may result in stomach pain and vomiting, as documented by the  Project on the website.


Across, the iris begins its growth and blossoming phase in early March, reaching its peak beauty in the middle of the month. Local community members often use the iris for decorative purposes, benefiting from its oil for pain relief and utilizing its leaves as a remedy for burns and wounds. It holds special significance in some cultures, as it is believed to be a form of praise to God, leading to its colloquial name, "Sbih'/Praising."

The flower captivates with its deep purple and yellow hues, characterized by its large pink petals. Additionally, the Iris Haynei flowers serve as a habitat for specific species of wild bees. strongly advocates for the preservation and care of this flower, emphasizing the need to avoid causing harm. Unfortunately, Iris Haynei faces the threat of extinction due to urban expansion and unregulated collection.

In collaboration with partner institutions and with support from the German Hans Seidel Foundation, the Project has developed a trail known as the "Iris Haynei Path." This initiative aims to promote ecotourism in the region while safeguarding the plant and protecting it from extinction.


The decision to officially adopt Iris Haynei as a national symbol was made by the Palestinian Council of Ministers in 2015. This decision serves to enhance national awareness about the significance of environmental protection and the preservation of elements representing Palestine's natural heritage.


By highlighting the beauty and importance of Iris Haynei, seeks to inspire a collective commitment to safeguarding and cherishing the country's diverse natural treasures.