Trails Guidebook Launch (Palestine a colorful mosaic - a guide for trails)

Trails Guidebook Launch (Palestine a colorful mosaic - a guide for trails)
1 September 2021

The Environmental Quality Authority and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities launched the guidebook (Palestine, a colorful mosaic - a guide for trails), in cooperation and with the support of Hanns Seidel Foundation through Mahmiyat project on 1st of Sep. 2021, at the Carmel Hotel in Ramallah. In the presence of the Chairperson of the Environmental Quality Authority his excellency Mr. Jamil Mtour, Deputy of the Ministry of Tourism his excellency Mr. Saleh Tawafsha and the resident representative of the Hanns Seidel Foundation Ms. Julia Obermeier, and a number of representatives of official and civil institutions and those interested in the environmental field.

In the event Ms. Julia emphasized that the Hanns Seidel Foundation is looking forward to facing the challenges affecting nature reserves, noting that the investment in them can be possible if efforts are combined in implementing the strategies, building capacity for environmental cadres, and exchanging local and international experiences, especially in the field of managing nature reserves.

The book is considered a scientific and cultural value. Supporting it was as part of the Foundation's policy to contribute to achieving sustainable development goals and promoting the concepts of environmental awareness and eco-tourism, calling on the Palestinian youth to acquire environmental and tourism knowledge in the various trails by reading it in print or electronically.

In his turn, Mr. Mtour pointed out the importance of launching the book, which is the result of a joint effort between the Environmental Quality Authority and the Ministry of Tourism to promote environmental awareness and culture with all its components, especially in the biodiversity sector, environmental awareness, developing eco-tourism concepts, and promoting visiting nature reserves.

Mr. Mtour said that the Environmental Quality Authority is seeking, through the environmental awareness and education strategy, to implement a number of hikes in nature reserves to inform the local community of their importance and the need to preserve them.

Moreover, Mr. Tawafasha said that the book expresses the deep state of Palestine that combines heritage, environment and nature, noting that organizing hikes has become an urgent necessity to enhance the steadfastness of the Palestinian citizen in his land.

He emphasized that the Ministry of Tourism is striving with all partners to intensify work in reserves and natural, historical and archaeological sites, believing in the importance of domestic tourism and achieving sustainable development goals.

The ceremony included a presentation by Hanns Seidel Founation, Project Manager Ms. Ikram Quttaineh and Saed Shomaly about the details of the book.

The book comes in 191 pages divided into two chapters, the first chapter talks about the environment of Palestine, and the second chapter talks about the trails, including trails through the nature reserves, important and heritage sites, through shrines and old cities.

The book is an important guide to the trails and a qualitative addition because it contains historical, religious, cultural, natural and environmental information. The book relies on major references based on the field research carried out by Mahmiyat project team over several years, in addition to the information available on the website