Domestic tourism is the main gateway to achieving comprehensive growth

Domestic tourism is the main gateway to achieving comprehensive growth
26 September 2021

On the occasion of World Tourism Day, which falls on September 27th each year, the website issued a press release stressing the importance of enhancing the role of tourism in Palestine. They also emphasized the importance of further development of tourism because it is an arsenal for comprehensive growth in Palestine.

The site indicated that the slogan of this year's World Tourism Day, “Tourism to Achieve Comprehensive Growth”,  is a local opportunity to reconsider the future of the Palestinian tourism sector. This is especially important after the Covid-19 pandemic, in which tourism was affected locally and globally.

In its statement, stressed that tourism in Palestine requires the advancement of all relevant parties. It explained the celebration of this day enhances awareness of the social, cultural, environmental, and economic value of tourism. The site commended the efforts of the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in the national program “Ready”, which enhances the skills of the workforce in Palestinian tourism. would like to provide guides an opportunity to take the mandatory courses required for all active sectors of Palestinian tourism.

The website indicated that the pandemic posed a great challenge to the tourism sector in Palestine, and the website team worked, with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation, to hold several training, awareness and educational courses for them. These courses were in the field of ecotourism in cooperation with the Arab Tourist Guide Union. The courses took place in the nature reserves, with the aim of developing the capabilities of the workers, as well as raising the level of their skills in the field of guiding and marketing.

Through its project, the site worked to publish a book, Palestine, a Colored Mosaic - a Guide for Trails, which was with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation. The book provides environmental information related to ecotourism and biodiversity. Additionally, it details options for guides, teachers, students and those interested in the environment to tour nature reserves and/or areas of natural and cultural heritage. pointed out the importance of enhancing the role of domestic tourism, strengthening its contribution, developing the infrastructure of the tourism sector, and implementing many national and awareness programs. This was undertaken because by delving into this topic, comprehensive growth and sustainable tourism development can be achieved.