Star Hawkbit

Star Hawkbit / Rhagadiolus stellatus / رويس
Status: Common

It is an annual wild flowering plant, the plant type is herb and is non-succulent, spines are absent and the summer shedding is ephemeral.

The plant grows upto a height of 20-50 cms. Flowers are yellow to orange coloured, small sized and hermaphrodite. The petals are connate. 

Flowering time is from February to April (Spring time). Leaves are entire and arranged alternately (one leaf per node) and the leaf margin is dentate or serrated. Leaf form is simple and the shape of the leaves is a narrow obtuse. Stipules are absent. The sporangia or see homogeneity is heteroscopic and heterocarpic.

The fruits are 15-20 mm long and very clearly curved in shape.

IUCN red list status: not evaluated

Local status: least concern