Hawfinch / Coccothraustes coccothraustes / بلبل زيتوني ابو الكرز - ابو الجوز

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Status: Common

Fairly common migrant winter visitor to Palestine.

A small, shy bird that is difficult to observe, especially in the summer, spends most of the day on top of high branches, especially during the breeding season.

Biological measurements Length: 18 cm and weight 48-62 grams. This bird breeds throughout Europe and temperate Asia. Resides mainly in Europe, but many Asian birds migrate south in the winter. They are also found throughout Europe and East.

They prefer mixed forests, including gardens, with large trees such as oaks. They also urbanized areas, such as parks and gardens. They can also be found in pine forests, as long as there is a source of water in the area. During autumn and winter, they search for forests that provide food, especially those with cherry and peach trees where food consists mainly of seeds and fruit kernels, especially those with cherries, which crack due to their strong beak, lay 2-7 eggs.

These types of birds are seen in a pair or group. Its head is orange-brown and a huge beak that is black in summer but paler in winter. The upperparts are dark brown and the lower parts are orange. It can only be seen on the ground while searching for seeds or drinking water, always near trees.

While drinking and eating, it is considered an aggressive bird towards all either of the same or different species, even larger birds. They guars a very small area when the chicks hatch; However, when not having any offspring, they are known to protect the entire forest. This is interpreted as an evolutionary advantage. The bird has been known to eat in groups, especially during the winter.