Levant green frog / Pelophylax bedriagae / ضفدع اخضر

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Status: Uncommon

The levant green frog belongs to the Ranidae family in the Pelobatidae order. It is one of three Anuran amphibians, but the only member of the Ranidae family present in Palestine. The adult length is up to 15 cm. The females are larger than the males. The green frog comes in a variety of colors: green, gray and brown. On each side of the back it usually has a bright stripe. The skin is relatively smooth and does not have poison glands. The underbelly color is light. The ear openings are easily seen. It has a long and narrow snout and long hind legs, lending it leaping capability. The feet are relatively big and webbed. As most amphibians, the success of reproduction depends on the availability of water sources. Mating season is during the summer when several thousands of eggs are laid in water in clutches. Tadpoles hatch approximately 2 weeks later, depending on the water temperature. Their development lasts 2 months and they can be identified by their spotted tail located low in comparison to tadpoles of other species. The males have vocal sacs that can be blown and their croak can be heard during the summer mating time at quite a distance. Adults feed on invertebrates, mostly insects. It inhibits parts of southern Europe and the Middle East. It can be found near stable water sources.

Conservation status: Least Concern.

In Palestine: It can be found in Mediterranean aquatic habitats.

Sites: Beitillu nature reserve