Common Buzzard / Buteo buteo / صقر حوام

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Status: Uncommon

Systematic (order, family): Accipitriformes, Accipitridae Description: A beautiful medium-sized raptor that can be found hunting over open land, farmland, meadows and marshes where it sits on prominent perches such as utility poles or fence posts. Distribution in the country and worldwide Probably the most common European raptor found in most of the continent. The eastern race Vulpinus comes from eastern Europe and asia and migrates to Africa. In Palestine, the nominate race is a common winterer in open habitats. Vulpinus is a very common migrant in spring and rare in late autumn (mainly in the eastern slopes). Conservation status: Least Concern Regional conservation status: Least Concern Habitat: Identification (how does it look like): Buzzards have many variations in their plumage leading to many subspecies being formed over its vast range. In its usual plumage they are a uniform brown when sitting with a paler breast band noticeable. In flight, the upper side is uniform dark brown with a trailing black band to the wings and tail. The underside of the body and coverts are streaked brown with the primaries and secondaries a greyish-white. It has darker carpal patches. The black trailing edge to the wings and tail can be seen from underneath. Plumage can vary from very light to very dark but the subspecies form Steppe Buzzard (Buteo buteo vulpinus) that occurs within East Europe (including Palestine) replaces the brown with a more rufous color. Behavior: The buzzard has adapted itself to fill many niches. It has learned to live next to people in semi-urban and rural areas. The prey list is very diverse, mainly feeding on small mammals such as rabbits and rodents, but can often be found taking insects and worms from a farmers field. Weight and size: Body length: 46-58cm. Wingspan: 110-130cm. Weight: 480-900g Threats and hazards: Like most birds of prey it is susceptible to secondary poisoning. Similar species not to be confuse with: Long-legged Buzzard is a longer-winged bird with rusty tail and a dark belly. Honey Buzzard is very similar but has longer tail, broader wings, a more prominent head, and extra barring on the tail.