Eagle Owl / Bubo bubo / بومة نسارية

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Status: Rare

The Eagle Owl breeds in earthen walls, abandoned mines, caves and, at times, on the ground. In our area, the breeding season starts in January.  The owls find a cliff or a cave for nesting, although they sometimes nest in a pit in the ground under a tree or bush. They lay 2-5 eggs. Incubation starts with the second egg so the chicks hatch synchronic. The male will bring food to the female and place it in its designated place near the nest. In the morning he will take up a watch on the nest usually from a distance. The eggs are incubated 34-35 days. At first, only the female feeds the nestlings, however after a while the male joins the feeding efforts. Often the nestlings fledge before they can fly, at 50-65 days, so they continue to receive parental care for several more weeks. The Eagle owl is found in Europe and most of Asia, however their population suffered from poisoning, nest-robbing, electrocution, and changes in their natural habitat. The adaptability of the Eagle Owl enables the population to recover quickly from setbacks and enables it to survive in the countryside as well as in disturbed habitats.

International conservation status: LC ,Regional conservation status: LC.

Migratory behaviour: Resident breeder. In Palestine the Eagle Owls are rare breeders in rocky landscapes in both Mediterranean and desert habitats.