Rough Sharp-Ribbed Scorpion

Rough Sharp-Ribbed Scorpion / Compsobuthus schmiedeknechti / عقرب مضلع

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The Rough Sharp-Ribbed Scorpion belongs to the Buthidae family in the Scorpiones (scorpions) order, of the Arachnida (arachnids) class. The Rough Sharp-Ribbed Scorpion is a small sized scorpion, that may reach up to 30mm, or rarely a little longer in adult females. This species venom is considered to be non-life threatening, and slightly more painful that a honey-bee sting. They are fast moving scorpions, and known to be great climbers. Hence so, the Rough Sharp-Ribbed Scorpion can be found on trees (in between the tree and the bark). Another special behavioral feature (compared to most of the local species) is that the Rough Sharp-Ribbed Scorpion is known to hibernate communally. The reason for the phenomenon is yet to be completely clear and most of the specimen will hibernate solitarily, but this species had been found grouping in between barks to the trees in impressive numbers (from very few ones up to 30 and more, under the same bark). This species is has slender pedipals ("pincers") and thin metasoma ("tail"). The overall color is dark brown to brownish-yellow. The whole Compsobuthus (Sharp-Ribbed Scorpion) genus members shows a unique, three back-pointing crests on its tergites (the dorsal segments). The genus scientific name, "Compbsobuthus" was derived from "Compso" – Adorned, and "Buthus" – an ox, or a beef (as grazing). As no etymology provided in description paper for Buthus, It is probably about "cow stinger" or "swift", in reference to the powerful sting (in this genus, it is – rlatively to its size). Species name, "schmiedeknechti", is named after the German entomologist, Otto Schmiedeknecht. Its diet, as such a small scorpion species, is based on tiny invertebrates. This scorpion species is one of the most docile scorpions in our area. It almost never stings – although if kept provoked it might to; the Rough Sharp-Ribbed Scorpion will escape as a reaction for a touch, or even ignore it. When it runs, it tends to stop from time to time, even in open spaces. If not provoked again and there is no direct sunlight in presence, the scorpion may stay in the same spot for a long time before retreating to shelter. The Rough Sharp-Ribbed Scorpion (Compsobuthus schmiedeknechti) is distributed in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and Palestine. In Palestine – this species found from the north of the country to the southern foothills of Judea, and not found in the desert, as for being a basically Mediterranean species. It is a common species that can be found on basalt, terra rossa, rendzina and more soils, excluding sand dunes.