Nearby Wadi Qelt

Ancient sites

Monastery of Saint George, Ottoman House, Herod's Palace, Tulul abu El-Alayiq

In Jericho you can visit: Sugar mills, Hishams palace, Qumran, Monastery of the Temptation, Sycamore tree, Tell es-sultan

Restaurants & Shops

Abu Feras Restaurant, Bedouin Tent Restaurant, Lemoneh Restaurant

Towns & Villages

Auja, Jericho

Homestays & Hotels

Auja Eco-center, Sami hostel Jericho, Auberg-inn house

Other Natural Sites

Jordan River, Wadi Qelt, Auja


Auja Eco-center

Tour Guiding

Mr. Naser Kaabneh: 00972595862711


The trail (12 km) starts at the Ottoman house in Jericho, passes through Wadi Qelt and ends at the Monastery of Saint George.