Community Events 2017-Currently

The Palestinian Environment Quality Authority and Hanns Seidel Foundation cooperated on a project for raising environmental awareness among the Palestinian society through implementing community events in the nature reserves. These events develop a sense of belonging and responsibility towards the nature reserves especially in C Areas and use the website as an environmental education tool. The project targets the Palestinian society from all over the West Bank including families, children, women and students. Different activities are implemented in the community events to portray the potential of the nature reserves for ecotourism such as birdwatching tours, flora and fauna identification, and cleaning campaigns.

Mainstreaming Ecotourism into the Planning of the Local Governments 2018-2019

The Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and Hanns Seidel Foundation developed a project to mainstream ecotourism into the planning of the local Governments near the nature reserves. The aim is to contribute to the local economic development of the villages and to the nature reserve’s conservation goals. 

Building the website is the first web presence for the Palestinian nature reserves launched in 2016. The website was implemented by the Hanns Seidel Foundation with supervision of the Palestinian Environment Quality Authority. It aims at raising environmental awareness among the Palestinian Society about the nature reserves in the West bank and Gaza strip by providing information about the reserves and nearby historical and cultural sites as well as nearby services such as guesthouses and points of sale for local products. In addition, it provides simple and user-friendly databases of the Palestinian flora and fauna that made the website an online educational tool serving different sectors of the society. The website is in continuous development. In 2018, the logo of was officially registered as a trademark in Palestine.

Conserving the Swifts of Bethlehem

Hanns Seidel Foundation together with the bird’s expert Mr. Saed Shomaly, and under the patronage of H.E Adalah Atteereh Chairperson of the Envrionment Quality Authority, developed an idea to pursue different goals affiliated with the swifts’ nesting problem in Bethlehem due to last restoration in Nativity Church. Firstly, the idea aims at conserving the swift as a migrating bird coming to Palestine for breeding especially in the holy site of the nativity church by hanging up nesting boxes.In addition to that, it seeks to raise awareness in the community about the importance of birds in maintaining environmental balance. Moreover, the idea intends to promote the area as an attractive tourist site for environmental conservation, as well as a symbol for conserving the wildlife.

Conserving the Barn Owls

The Hanns Seidel Foundation together with the bird’s expert Mr. Saed Shomaly developed a project to help the Palestinian farmers by giving them a free and biological rodent control method and help the Barn owl and the wildlife of Palestine by installing artificial cavities that could be use as nesting place. The location of the project is the Jordan Valley.