Wadi Dalb reserve

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  • Habitat: Quercus calliprinos woodland on limestone 

    Ecozone: Central highlands

    Handed over: 800 dunums

    IUCN criteria: IV -Managed Reserve 

    Landowner: private \ Awqaf

    Governorate: Ramallah Governorate

    Central Palestine

    Phytogeographical Regions: Mediterranean Sea

    Annual rainfall: 500-700 mm

    Private Soil: Terra Rossa, Rendzina

    Nearby village: Ein kinia


It is located in Terrafidea, west-Ramallah, it is known as historical, cultural, natural and civilized heritage, it is known as Terrafidea spring, it is situated in between two mountains in a valley with great variety of olives, figs and almonds and agricultural palaces, rock sculptures and stone chains.

Visitors can reach Wadi Dalb through Treeafidea spring, it is private ownership, the movement toward the nature reserve through only one trail in hollow place known as Dalb valley, the name is due to the  former distribution of Oriental Plane Tree(Dalb),botanical name : Platanus orientalis ,this tree is one of the natural resources and flowering flora that grows in river banks  and distributed in the northern part of Arabic countries (Palestine ,Lebanon, Syria ,Iraq).This perennial tree reaches up to 15-30 M heights with oval crown , curly brown , leaves are relatively large .

The valley is known as protected area surrounded by forested mountains cultivated with olives and ancient monuments and landscapes are found. The protected area is under the control of Palestinian authority with a total area of 800dunums with great diversity of wild flowers and floras. Several faunas can be observed in the protected area such as Palestinian partridge, Palestinian mountain Gazelle and the Palestinian sunbird.

The valley takes rain precipitation from north Ramallah to Al-Awaja through Ayn_Kiniya , Kafr Ni'ma and Bil'in.The valley and nature reserve divided the villages and populations to south and north divisions. Several ancient building, ancient archeological sites can be seen and also remnants of ancient water miles, old ruin and Bedouin tents are found.

The valley and nature reserve face several pressures such as the Israeli aggressions and settlements like Doelf settlement which surrounded the protected area, even it took its name and its slogan. Several researches are occurred in some zones in the protected area and several specimens are taken for scientific purposes of frogs, snails and golden cockroaches.

Based on several environmental studies in palestine, there are several factors affect the aquatic snails in the area such as the deterioration of water resources either through local community or Israeli occupation, urbanization, destroying habitats, in addition to the climate changes.

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