Though it is a widely kept practice in some cultures, hunting is one of the greatest threats to endangered animal life. Hunting for exotic species in the last century is responsible for the complete extinction of some of the most beautiful creatures. Animals like the Wild Ass and the lion, both mentioned in Biblical Palestine, are now extinct. The Passenger Pigeon, once considered the world’s most abundant bird, is now completely extinct due to hunting in the 19th century – by 1913, the last Passenger Pigeon named “Martha” died in captivity . Though environmentalists and some governments have deemed hunting as cruel and unnecessary, the practice is still legal in many countries around the world.


In Palestine, the rare Goldfinch bird (Carduelis carduelis) is hunted and trapped during their migration season from January to June. Sadly, with the rise of unemployment in Palestine, the Goldfinch male can be a source of income, known for its song and beauty. Goldfinch birds are often sold as pets in shops and markets. The species is protected by environmental law and hunting it is prohibited, however, regulation has proven difficult. If you observe someone hunting, you are strongly encouraged to report it to the Park Authorities .