Red fox / Vulpes vulpes / ثعلب أحمر

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Status: Common

The red fox belongs to the canidae family of the carnivora order.
A small canid, yellow brown to grey brown colored with a very distinctive "puffy" tail, with a white part at the tip of it. The ears are usually fairly big in the color of the rest of the body. Usually in more forested areas the hair color is darker than in desert or open habitats. The red fox is nocturnal and feeds of small to medium size animals, mostly mammals and reptiles and in rare occasions even birds, usually ones that chooses to spend the night on the ground. During the day it finds shelter in a small den that it excavated in the territory. Close to human residence it can be seen active also in late morning and early afternoon.  It is a solitary animal and during the mating season it forms couples and even small extended family of one male and a few females, that only one of them breeds. It has the widest geographical range among the order carnivora and can be found all around the northern hemisphere in various habitats from the cold tundra to the desert of the Sahara. It populates both urban and natural habitats, forested and open, rocky and light soils. In many cases it will replace or be replaced by the golden jackal close to human residence. 

Conservation status- least concern.