Building the Website

Building the Website® is the first web presence for Palestinian nature reserves. It was launched in 2016 with the slogan, " your guide to nature in Palestine". The Hanns Seidel Foundation, together with Palestinian partners, implemented the website. It aims at raising environmental awareness among Palestinian society about the nature reserves in the West bank and Gaza Strip. does this by providing information about the reserves and local historical and cultural sites, as well as detailing nearby services such as guesthouses and points of sale for local products. In addition, it provides simple and user-friendly databases of Palestinian flora and fauna, which made the website an online educational tool serving different sectors of the society. Furthermore, the website provides a gallery and maps for ecotourism hiking trails that were developed through the project. In 2018, the logo of® was officially registered as a trademark which has the Palestine Sunbird, the national bird of Palestine.

Approx. 9,000 users visit monthly, mainly from Palestine and other Arab countries. The website is continuosly updated and supported with new content.