Zero Waste in Germany .. An Ambitious Vision for Palestine

Zero Waste in Germany .. An Ambitious Vision for Palestine
21 July 2019

A delegation of representatives from Municipalities, Ministries and the Energy Sector in Palestine visited Bavaria. The goal was to gain information and share experiences with German representatives in the field of zero waste management and sustainable ecotourism.

During their stay, the delegation visited the incineration plants Gemeinsames Kommunalunternehmen für Abfallwirtschaft, SWM – Stadtwerke München, and Strom- und Wärmeerzeugung, as well as the recycling structures Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb AWB. In addition, they met with representatives of the Bavarian State Ministry of Environment and Consumer Protection. Through their meetings, the participants learned about best practices, discussed current environmental trends, and gained the Bavarian expertise in theory and practice.

A further aspect of the visit was for the participants to learn how to develop environmental education and awareness strategies in Palestine. For this reason, the delegation also visited the Environmental Education Center at "Haus der Berge”, as well as an award-winning environmentally friendly mountain hotel, Berghotel Rehlegg.

The visit concluded at the Hanns Seidel Foundation headquarters in Munich, where the participants met with General Secretary Mr. Oliver Jörg and the head of the Middle East and North Africa Department, Mrs. Maryam Schmidt, in order to discuss further cooperation in the field of the environment.

The five-day meetings gave the participants a profound understanding and many insights about zero waste management and ecotourism, which enabled them to return to Palestine and discuss how to implement what they learned.

We wish them luck on their mission!