Green-Striped White

Euchloe belemia

الفراشة البيضاء ذات الخطوط الخضراء

Picture Resource: Some rights reserved by gailhampshire

Status: Common

Commonly known as the Lemon White or the Green striped white, this medium sized butterfly belongs to the family Pieridae.

The upperside of the wings have a lemon white colour with a greenish black coloured banded region at the tip of the apex of the forewings and an irregular shaped black coloured spot on the inner side of the forewings. The hindwings do not have any spots or marking.

In Palestine, the sub-species is commonly found in dry areas, rocky slopes of mountaineous areas, roadsides and rural areas near the coast. It is common in its distribution in North Africa and the middle east.It is a very common species in the northern Mediterranean zone.

The adults fly in spring season from late January to May. This species also has only a single generation in the year and the peak period of emerging is in the month of April.

The adults lay eggs on both the stems and top of leaves of the host plant. The larvae prefer to feed on the Erucaria species.They feed on the fruits of the host plants as well and develop very quickly.

Conservation Status: Least Concern